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Result Oriented Financial Strategies 

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What we do

Caprich investments started in 2020 with a main objective to research top quality Indian companies and helping clients make informed investment decisions, we focus on bottom-up research and are not limited to one style and look for opportunities in all areas where we
find value.

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Our research and Investment philosophy

Investment research is an art and science, so our analysis and research methodology are based on Quantitative data, Qualitative hygiene factors and multi-disciplinary style where we try to connect the dots between various models and make an informed decision. Our niche lies in our in-depth research process and an eye for finding value in unexpected places.


Professional approach to financial advisory

Business Partners at Work

Sebi-Registered analyst - Registration number(INH200005832)


What can we offer you


Research Reports

We’ll work to analyze your unique financial situation and provide easy-to-understand recommendations for your business.


Investment and financial planning

Our investment managers will make all of the investment decisions for you – choosing which investments to buy or sell, etc.


Finance awareness

Business modelling can help you navigate complex issues and transactions by delivering tailored modelling solutions.


Portfolio construction

We also offer expertise and strategic planning for large scale project development in international markets.

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